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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality in Education
Mansfield State School is proud to be one of the first primary schools in Queensland to use the groundbreaking technology of Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.
VR is used in Years 4-6 as a tool to engage and motivate students, and help to increase their comprehension and knowledge retention of concepts they have been learning about in class. The VR experience is a memorable, immersive learning experience which sparks students’ imaginations and helps them to more clearly understand and visualise concepts covered in the curriculum, all the while making lessons come alive. Effective education is all about learning through experience, and empowering students to make real-world connections. Through the power of VR, students are able to immerse themselves in environments all around the world and beyond with 360 degree views, to enhance and complement the real-world exploration that already takes place in classrooms. The brand of headsets we use is called ‘ClassVR’, which is specifically designed for educational purposes, and is recommended and widely used for children of all ages, with many observed benefits.
As always, the safety and wellbeing of our students is our first priority, which is why the following safety precautions are taken during lessons which use VR:
-Students are only allowed to wear the VR headsets for a maximum of two minutes at a time.
-Students must remain seated while wearing the VR headsets.
-Students are advised to remove the headsets immediately if they begin to feel dizzy or unwell.
-Students with glasses are given the option to keep their glasses on and adjust the headset to fit over their glasses, or, if more comfortable, remove their glasses and use the focus button on the headset to adjust the clarity of the picture.
-When delivering a lesson, the headsets automatically lock into the activity that the teacher has selected, which ensures that students remain in the current experience under the teacher’s control.
-Students are closely supervised by teachers.
The students love using Virtual Reality to help them learn!
For more information about the benefits of VR as an educational tool, please select the link called ‘Whitepaper: A Guide to AR and VR in Education’.


Information and Permission form for use of VR Headsets in classrooms.pdf