School Values and Expectations

​Mansfield State School is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment for students and staff, where students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire lifelong values.

Our school values are:




POWER (Positivity-Opportunities-Wellness-Engagement-Respectful, safe learners) developed by Mansfield State School is the approach used to combine our school values, behaviour expectations, support for wellbeing and positive education into a philosophy, which promotes a safe, supportive and healthy environment for our students.

Why are behavioural expectations needed?mss_mascot.png

Having clear expectations for behaviour in every classroom helps to:

  • create a positive classroom environment

  • provide all students with a sense of security

  • reduce student anxiety

  • maximise learning time

  • enable student self-monitoring

  • support positive behaviour

  • ensure consistency.


The Student Behaviour Expectations Matrix was developed around our three core school values of Be Safe, Be respectful and Be a Learner. The expectations aim to ensure that all students and staff share a common language to discuss behaviour and have a clear understanding of each of these expectations for behaviour.


Uniform Code
All Mansfield State School students are expected to follow the school code of dress in all settings


(and all learning settings)





  • Students to enter classroom only with staff supervision
  • Walk safely through the classroom
  • Use furniture and equipment safely and correctly
  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Make safe digital choices including using electrical safety when charging devices
  • Walk around pool
  • Follow staff instructions
  • Use active listening skills
  • Use good manners at all times
  • Care for others and their property
  • Consider others' points of view
  • Speak kindly and in an appropriate volume.
  • Be respectful and inclusive of everyone's differences
  • Care for school equipment and furniture
  • Be in class before the second bell
  • Be prepared with all equipment
  • Be an active participant
  • Try your best at all times
  • Ask for help when you need to
  • Know your learning goals.
  • Use technology as a learning tool

Outdoor/ Active areas





  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Wear hat when outdoors
  • Walk on concrete surfaces.
  • Use approved sports equipment in the green zone at play times only
  • Play running games/activities on grassed areas
  • Be aware of others when walking around – look where you are walking
  • Walk bikes through grounds before and after school
  • Remain off playgrounds before and after school
  • Follow staff instructions.
  • Play fairly and inclusively
  • Take care of borrowed equipment
  • Speak positively to others
  • Care for the environment
  • Be considerate of learners when you are outdoors during learning times
  • Help others during games
  • Problem solve respectfully
  • Consider others' play ideas


Outdoor Transitions

(moving between spaces through the school)

  • Listen and respond to the bell immediately (before school, after break times)
  • Listen to and follow staff instructions at all times
  • Carry belongings, such as swimming bag and iPad safely
  • Walk quietly from one place to another
  • Stay to the left of stairs/ paths
  • Move quietly and with purpose throughout the school
  • Give way to adults, share pathways with others and wait your turn
  • Greet visitors and adults as you pass
  • Care for your own and others' property
  • Respect the environment- walk on pathways and collect rubbish for the bin
  • Take the most direct route
  • Move in an orderly manner
  • Stay together as a group when required


Green Zone

(Before school)

  • Arrive after 8:20am
  • Sit down
  • Stay within Green Zone boundaries
  • Devices and sporting equipment to remain in bags
  • When the music sounds, walk safely to class
  • Visit bathroom and get a drink before bell rings
  • Follow staff instructions
  • Sit quietly while talking to friends
  • Set good examples for peers- model appropriate behaviour
  • Remind peers about what is expected
  • Prep students remain with parent or older sibling until handed to care of school staff at a point of time
  • Walk straight to the toilets and straight back with buddy
  • One person per cubicle
  • Wait quietly for your buddy and return to class together
  • Keep the floor dry
  • Remain in your own cubicle and lock the door
  • Wait patiently for your turn
  • Leave the toilet area when finished
  • Keep the toilet area clean and report when the toilet needs attention
  • Use the toilet during your break time
  • Practice good hygiene- flush toilets, use soap to wash hands

Online/ iPad Environment




  • Devices to be used in learning settings only
  • iPads only to be used with staff supervision
  • Demonstrate personal safety when interacting online; i.e. not sharing private/personal information
  • Report unsafe online behaviours to a teacher
  • Use school approved apps only
  • Only access your own device
  • Follow internet agreement terms
  • Only comment in a positive or kind manner online
  • Seek staff permission before taking photos on your iPad
  • Sign in your mobile phone at school
  • Bring iPad every day with at least 80% charge
  • Have all year level apps downloaded
  • Apps to be organised in home and school folders
  • Use school apps only, and as instructed by staff updated
  • Use own login, username and passwords
Eating Areas
  • Sit down while eating (eat only your own food)
  • Raise your hand to be released to play by the duty teacher once your area is tidy
  • Ask staff to go the toilet and check back in once you have returned
  • Line up and wait for play duty staff
  • Keep walkways and doorways clear
  • Keep sporting equipment still until in the playground
  • Stay in your year level eating area
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Remain seated until you're dismissed
  • Keep your area clean and tidy
  • Use your manners at all times ('please', 'thank you', 'excuse me', 'may I')
  • Follow the duty staff's instructions
  • Eat healthy food first
  • Practice sustainability by using the correct bin
  • Pack lunch box and drink bottle away
  • Move to undercover areas to finish food if still eating after the bell




  • Walk in and out of the hall quietly
  • Sit with your legs crossed and follow staff instructions
  • If receiving an award on assembly, sit at the end of the row
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Enter hall on time and sit silently throughout assembly
  • Remove hats when entering hall
  • Consider others' personal space when seated
  • Listen to speakers
  • Celebrate (clap) appropriately
  • Pay attention to important messages shared
  • Acknowledge everyone's successes
  • Stand quietly, with hands by your side during anthem


Stop, Drop, Go Zones and car parks



  • Always exit and enter car on the side nearest to footpath
  • Look both ways before stepping into car zones
  • Move straight to the Green Zone before school
  • Walk cautiously, but directly to destination (school or car)
  • Move straight to STOP, DROP and GO zone after school
  • Move to the collection point as quickly as possible
  • Be alert and ready for collection- keep your belongings in bag
  • Stay on the seating and pathways at stop, drop and go (away from gardens)
  • Keep pathways clear
  • Listen to staff instructions
  • Keep iPads in school bag
  • Model safe and respectful behaviour for other students
  • Wait patiently
  • Return to the office if you have not been collected




  • Walk in the library
  • Stay in student zones only
  • Care for books and resources
  • Pack away all items when you have finished with them
  • Use quiet, inside voices
  • Use name cards when searching for books
  • Return books to the 'returns box' when due
  • Use games and equipment respectfully and pack up when the bell rings
  • Be an active listener during lessons Bring appropriate library bag or folder for borrowing
  • Return books on time







  • Walk to the tuckshop when dismissed by duty teacher after eating time
  • Line up in a single, quiet line
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Eat purchased items from the tuckshop in the undercover area
  • Always use your manners- say 'may I', 'please', 'thank you' and 'excuse me'
  • Wait patiently for your turn
  • Only line up if you are ordering or collecting food
  • Place tuckshop orders in on time
  • Only collect your class tuckshop box and only take items that belong to you
  • Think and plan ahead before ordering
  • Visit the tuckshop with plenty of time before the first bell rings
  • Finish all tuckshop food before returning to class


All students are explicitly taught the school values and expectations through POWER.

Classes have lessons around what each of these values means in and out of the classroom.

​We collaboratively foster an inclusive environment at Mansfield so that everyone feels safe, respected and able to learn.

Detailed information about our school values and policies is outlined in our Mansfield State School Student Code of Conduct document, available on this website under "Resources".

Last reviewed 01 November 2021
Last updated 01 November 2021